The Importance Of Mental Health Awareness

Most people shut their eyes, ears, and all their senses when it comes to mental health. In our society, there is still a stigma associated with it. At most, the kind mental illness that is most accepted and treated fairly is depression. But besides depression, there are a number of mental illnesses that people need to be aware of to get it treated and to maintain an overall good health.


What Is Mental Health Exactly

Mental health is a state of balanced mental condition, wherein you know your potential. Being mentally healthy is means you can deal with the stresses that you encounter on a daily basis. As a person who is mentally healthy, you are productive and can get things done.

Mental health is directly associated with physical health

Our mind and body are very closely associated. If something is wrong with one, the other gets affected too. For instance, if you have jaundice, it will make you gloomy and depressed. Similarly, mental illnesses have a side effect on our physical well-being as well. This is why mental health awareness is very important. Any mental illness that stays untreated only goes on adding more problems.

Mental illnesses and the unawareness can hamper your productivity

A lot of people who are depressed are not aware of their mental state, and deny being depressed. While the denial helps in masquerading condition from the society, it greatly affects a person’s productivity. The symptoms of mental illnesses are so powerful that you’d slowly become really unproductive at work and other spheres of your life.

Mental health awareness lets you help your close ones

There are so many instances when our close friends or family members are undergoing some mental instability but we are totally oblivious to it. This is because of the mental health unawareness. As a result of this, we are unable to help them cope with the condition. Mental illnesses can occur to any person and to be accurate, every person experiences some sort of mental problem at least once in life. At such moments, the patient needs a lot of care and help just as he/she would when he/she is physically sick. This is why one should be aware of the importance of mental health awareness.

It is about time we give equal importance to physical health and mental health. This can solve a number of problems and develop a sense of happiness in people.

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